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professional; web
research;  - Freelance
Data Entry Professional
Sound Engineer
A Child's Little World and
As Christmas Nears
Orchestrated by :
Peter Kaczorowski
Content Writer/  
Freelance Technical
www.Knoxville.Fm Takes
Good Music
Words and Consults with
The Pro's From around
The World
We search For Talent, We audition, Then we go To Work
Creative Team
"Experienced Creative
and Corporate Writer,
Entertainment Marketer -
Freelance Consultant "
Creative Team
Goes on and On
Our Artist, Actress - Mood
enhancer - Hannah
My Dearest Friend
And Florida Get Away
Keeping our Trade Secrets
Exercising Their Expressions
Counting our Profit
Showing off their Talents
The Brains of
Our Operation !
Our Cook !
Donations will go through Knoxville.Fm
Help Defer our Cost of Making Movies or Buy our Dvd's
The Title of the Video First was :
" How to Get on our Creative Team ":
Then I watched it more closely and realized
that these guys were so Funny putting
Hannah on our Horse. Here
Jessica below will be singing with us and all
the others are on our Creative Team.
Trivia Question ?

In The Video below, Jessica in the White Shoes and
Summer in the Black shoes , dancing, Who Really
Pushes Hannah our 4 year old out of the way ?
Jessica or Summer ?
OH This is Bemz singing Signing with us Soon. Singing
" A Child's Little World " Thats Not Kristine.
Our Next Dvd , Cd, Combo will Be " Signing " As easy as Pig Latin !  Is pig Latin an official
Language ?
 Bemz will be on the Cd side singing Something New
Highly Trained Horse Thieves, I mean
Trainers... Hehe

They are putting Hannah on the horse
while leaving her hanging, then their
sister comes around and pulls her
body onto the horse.

This is not how to put a child on a
horse. hehe